Our social responsibility

Gjensidige’s object is to create value for society through safeguarding life, health and assets and by relieving customers of risk.

Ethical, social and environmental considerations are integrated in day-to-day operations and in relations with the Group’s stakeholders.

We shall contribute to a better society by:

  1. Helping prevent traffic accidents
  2. Helping prevent fire
  3. Investing in a socially responsible way
  4. Fighting discrimination
  5. Being a competence-raising employer
  6. Offering a health-promoting working environment
  7. Respecting our customers and their personal secrecy
  8. Combating corruption and facilitation payments
  9. Protect whistle blowers
  10. Take care of the environment and climate

Read more about our CSR in the annual report

Policy documents regarding ESG

A safer society

We are involved in the lives of people and enterprises, before and after claims. Over the course of many years, we have gathered knowledge about what causes losses and how they can be avoided.

We give this knowledge back to our customers, the authorities and society at large through advice, collaboration projects and participation in social debate.

We collaborate among others with: