"Minihåndballjentene" is a recreational project between Gjensidige, the Norwegian Handball Federation and the women’s handball team. 



Based on applications, sixteen girls from different parts of Norway are selected as mascots for the Norwegian women’s handball team. The girls are aged between 9 and 12 years and have at least one thing in common – they love handball. Many of them dream of making it into the handball team. In their applications, they write about how much handball means to them, how they look up to their idols, but also about being able to share this experience with their teammates. They want to learn from the best to be even better.

During the year, the Minihåndballjentene join two women's team training sessions, and take part as mascots at one international game. However, the highlight is that the women’s team player visits the Minihåndballjente girl she is mentoring at her own club.

Through this project, Gjensidige wishes to help increase awareness of what children’s sports have to offer, and the important work carried out by the passionate people in the organisations involved. We want to show the joy and all the positives related to team sport, and, not least, we hope to motivate young girls to continue having fun playing handball.