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Our mission, vision, strategy and targets

A strong focus on customers is the core of Gjensidige’s strategy. Backed by a down-to-earth business culture and analytically-driven core operations, this will give Gjensidige a competitive advantage.

Our mission

Our mission is to safeguard lives, health and assets, which has been the mainstay of our company for over 200 years. By providing information and guidance, we help our customers to prevent harm to themselves or their property. We provide financial compensation, help and support when the damage has been done.

Our vision

Gjensidige’s vision is to know the customer best and care the most. We know that this is an ambitious vision, which sums up our belief in customer orientation. We will always deliver quality, keep our promises and make sure that the customer is satisfied. We will offer products that meet the customers’ needs, give good advice, and run the company in a sustainable way. In order to live up to this vision, we need to keep changing to meet our customers on their terms.

Financial targets

AreaTargetAchievement 20167
Return on equity> 15 per cent21.3 per cent 
DividendNominal high and stable.
Pay-out ratio > 70 per cent 
Nominal 79 per cent*
RatingMaintain A rating from S&PA rating confirmed in August 2017
 Solvency Margin Standard Formula120 - 150 per cent143 per cent** 
Solvency Margin Internal Model125 - 175 per cent169 per cent***
General Insurance  
Combined ratio86-89 per cent***85.4
Cost ratio~15 per cent15.3 per cent

*    Dividends based on profit for the year.
**   Adjusted for proposed divident for 2016.
***  djusted for proposed dividend for 2017. After the balance sheet date, Gjensidige received feedback from the FSA   with regards to the partial internal model. See note 23 for further description.
**** Combined ratio target on an undiscounted basis, assuming ~4 pp run-off gains next 3-5 years and normalised   large losses impact. Beyond the next 3-5 years, the target is 90-93 given 0 pp run-off.


A strong focus on customers is at the core of Gjensidige’s strategy. Backed by a down-to-earth business culture and analytically-driven core operations, this will give Gjensidige a competitive advantage.

Gjensidige’s position shall be further strengthened through the development of Gjensidige as a pan-Nordic general insurance player that is also taking its share of the growing accident and health insurance market. Acquisitions shall complement organic growth and contribute to the Company delivering on its strategic goals, and the following group targets after 2–3 years:

• a return on equity of more than 15 per cent
• a combined ratio in the range of 90–93

Three strategic areas are in focus: digital customer experiences, business intelligence and analytics, and dynamic organisational capabilities.

A fast pace and flexibility in the development of products, services and service models are necessary in order to be the preferred insurance provider. The automation of internal processes is intended to ensure cost-efficiency and facilitate increased use of self-service solutions by customers.

Analytical use of data in order to offer attractive products and services and ensure profitable operations is crucial if we are to realise our ambition of being the most customer-oriented general insurance company in the Nordic region.

Changes in technology and customer behaviour mean that increasingly close cooperation is required between our distribution channels. A good understanding of what customers are concerned with in their everyday lives is a prerequisite if we are to develop new, relevant services.

Customers’ needs and behaviour are changing faster than ever. It is therefore paramount to reduce the time it takes to develop and launch new customer-oriented services.

Information is a strategic resource for Gjensidige. The work on ensuring good data quality, efficient data collection processes, availability, reporting and analysis will therefore be further strengthened.

Our strategic ambitions cannot be realised without motivated, committed managers and employees who have the right expertise and attitudes. A higher pace of change – not least as regards technology and customer behaviour – means that a transition is needed from traditional training-based competence-raising measures to a dynamic learning culture driven by individual managers and employees. Competence shall increasingly be shared through data-driven work processes and cooperation-based solutions. A stronger overall understanding shall be created through internal rotation of managers and staff.

Gjensidige Bank and Gjensidige Pensjonsforsikring play an important strategic role in relation to Gjensidige’s position in the Norwegian market. Exclusive customer solutions and concepts will continue to be important in both the private and commercial markets.

As part of our strategic work, we constantly challenge our strategic platform. The main conclusion is that it remains firm, also after the changes we see in the market, including further development of Gjensidige’s partner strategy using new technologies.