Bank and Boligkreditt

Gjensidige Bank is a nationwide Internet bank, owned by Gjensidige Bank Holding, which is a  subsidiary of Gjensidige Forsikring. The bank was launched in 2007.

Gjensidige Bank offers traditional banking products adapted for electronic distribution, primarily to customers in the retail and agricultural markets. Gjensidige Bank has a self service concept. This concept is the basis for the competitive prices and simple customer processes, which contribute to a positive user experience.

Gjensidige Bank Boligkreditt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gjensidige Bank, and issues covered bonds (OMF).


Financial strategy for Gjensidige Bank

Gjensidige Bank shall maintain a capitalisation which is sufficient with regards to regulatory requirements, and which ensures trust from customers and the financial markets. The bank shall diversify its financing with regards to duration and financing sources. 

The financial strategy for the Gjensidige Group can be found here .


EMTN Progamme - EUR 2 billion

Cover pool data

Gjensidige Bank Boligkreditt publish cover pool data each quarter. It is published on the Group reporting page


Gjensidige Bank and Gjensidige Bank Boligkreditt presentations are published on the Group reporting page .



Annual and interim reports from Gjensidige Bank and Gjensidige Bank Boligkreditt are available on the Group reporting page

Basel II/ Pillar 3

Gjensidige Bank is subject to the Basel II regulations, and is required to disclose information on risk management and capital adequacy. This information is disclosed in what is called a Pillar 3 report. The Pillar 3 reports are published on the Group reporting page