Serving customers together

We shall know the customer best and care the most. This is our vision. We need employees with a wide variety of skills, experience and backgrounds to help us become the most customer-oriented company in the Nordic general insurance industry.

We employ sales personnel, actuaries, financial and insurance analysts, lawyers, economists, investigators, marketing and digital experts, controllers and many more professions. Whether your ambitions are in sales, claims settlement, management, organisational development or other disciplines, we offer exciting new opportunities on a continuous basis.



The group has over 3000 employees

Passionate enthusiasm in Gjensidige

In Gjensidige, we are professional enthusiasts. Customers shall feel that we care about them, help them, make things easy for them and that we know them. We stand by our customers in good times and bad, and prove that we deserve their trust. This has given Gjensidige generations of satisfied customers, and it gives us our distinctive character.

Gjensidige’s passionate enthusiasts:

  • are passionate about their work
  • radiate positive energy
  • are generous and caring towards colleagues and customers
  • see solutions, take responsibility and get things done
  • are good team players
  • make a difference

Our academy

The opportunity to develop skills and learn more is important to each individual employee, and it is important to Gjensidige. That is why we have our own internal academy, The Gjensidige Academy, offering sales and management training, brand awareness and a wide range of other courses needed to do a good job.

Our award-winning academy ensures that our employees develop their skills needed to meet market requirements, as well as company and individual needs.

Training of sales personnel and sales managers

We have developed a motivational training programme for our sales personnel and sales managers. In addition, we offer claims settlement courses for all relevant personnel. Everyone must pass the final exam. The training is important to ensure that we achieve the goal of becoming the most customer-oriented company in the industry.

Management development

We have developed programmes for all our managers in the Nordic countries and the Baltics. Newly employed managers go through a qualification programme, while more experienced managers attend programmes customised to their level of expertise, including a newly-designed top management programme.

Integrated e-learning

E-learning is widely used to allow for targeted training during a hectic workday. It is useful for both new and experienced employees. One example is ‘minute training’ – simple tips on the intranet that, in the course of one or two minutes, show you how to solve specific challenges.

Yearly 800 employees take classes at the academy

What we offer

Our employees shall enjoy their job and experience a good balance between their work and personal life. In addition, we offer competitive pay, an interesting career and development opportunities, good pension and insurance schemes and several welfare measures.

Benefits for our employees:

  • Full pay during parental leave (depending on duration of leave)
  • Two weeks off with pay for the child’s father in connection with childbirth
  • Travel insurance for all family members living in the household
  • Medical treatment insurance that guarantees quick operation/treatment
  • Full pay during illness for up to one year
  • Insurance covering medical invalidity, disability and death
  • Discount on personal insurance policies
  • Good pension schemes
  • Flexible working hours and work locations
  • Company sports club and subsidised gym membership
  • Subsidised canteen
  • Access to company cabins and apartments in Norway and Spain
  • Miscellaneous discounts (gym, flowers, petrol, gifts etc.)