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Privacy policy for the app Gjensidige Øvelseskjøring

Information about location data, privacy and analytics regarding the app Gjensidige Øvelseskjøring.

Updated May 11th 2021.

Location data

Øvelseskjøring accesses the location of your device during a trip to calculate the distance you drive. This is only stored locally on your phone, and Gjensidige does not track or store your location anywhere else.


To use Øvelseskjøring it’s necessary that we handle some information about you. By downloading and using this app you accept that data generated through use of the app (see below) is stored in the app and, in the cases specified, at Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, and that this information is used as follows:

  • Backup to insure that data is not lost in case you switch phones and/or must reinstall the app.
  • Ensuring that you get insurance perks as a result of driving practice after 2000 km.
  • Communicate with you directly in the app, and share useful information and tips.

The following data is registered and stored in the app

  • E-mail address (username)
  • Password 
  • Phone number
  • Trip summary (date, start, stop, distance)
  • That your companion has signed the trip

The following data is collected when you have driven 2000 km and submit your driving log

This data is collected to be able to give you the perks you have earned. 

  • Fødselsnummer (Norwegian national identity number)
  • Consents


Gjensidige reserves the right to implement statistical analysis to provide a better user experience in the app. This data is tracked anonymously, and not associated with sensitive or personal user information.

  • Whether the app is in use
  • How long the app is active
  • Device type and OS version
  • Whether the app is deleted