Coronavirus – information to companies with pension in Gjensidige

The global outbreak of the corona virus has had consequences for many businesses. Unfortunately, several employers will now have to lay off employees for a brief period of time. The best thing for society is that as many people as possible can remain in the pension scheme even though they are temporarily laid off. We help the company maintain the employees' pension agreements. 


Temporary layoff of employees

What does the law say? 

Today, the law states that those who are temporarily laid-off should be removed from the pension scheme, unless the agreement state otherwise. That is why the pension agreement decides whether the laid-off should be covered by the pension agreement or be removed from the agreement.  

What applies for your company? 

While establishing the pension scheme, each company has decided whether temporarily laid-off employees should be included in the pension scheme. Regardless of which agreement the company has chosen, we recommend that those who are temporarily laid-off stays as members in the pension agreement as long as its financially possible.  

We will guide you 

We are facing an extraordinary situation during this time. At Gjensidige, we will go to great lengths to help our community and our customers during this difficult time. For a period of time, we therefore offer to leave the employees in the scheme without the company paying deposits. Log in to, for more information

How do you find information about the company's pension agreement? 

Are you uncertain to what applies to your company? 

You can also call us on 915 03100 (Monday-Friday from 08:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.).

Can we get deferral of payment?

Even though we usually do not offer deferral of payment, we will try to help you as much as we can to keep the insurance intact during this time. 

In the meantime, you will receive monthly invoices and reminders due to law requirements. However, these are without reminder fee and the debt will not be pursued. 

Regardless, we will contact the company before terminating the group pension arrangement and inform the employees.  

If you have any questions regarding your pension scheme, we will gladly help you. You can reach us by emailing or call us at 915 03100.